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"Silent Roar" - a natural cat repellent

"Silent Roar" is a cat deterrent that comes supplied as pellets

The idea is that you spread the pellets over the vulnerable areas of your garden or yard. This is a genuinely natural product made from real essence of lion dung! That's right - the dung from real, live lions. The idea is that you fight fire with fire. You make one little cat back off because he or she gets a good idea that one great big predator cat has got to the patch first!

The pellets are soaked in real essence of lion dung and are then dried and sterilised. As cats are territorial, even the bravest of pussies will retreat when they smell a lion has been there first. This is an environmentally friendly product and contains no artificial chemicals.

Silent Roar cat repellantTypically you would spread the pellets about 3-4 inches apart. During normal weather conditions one application might last up to three months. After heavy rain it's a good idea to sprinkle a few more pellets to boost the scent.

A good tip is to always handle the pellets with gloves. This is not because the pellets are harmful; it's just that if you let human scent "contaminate" the pellets the local cats may be less wary.

The British BBC TV program "Watchdog" conducted a test of cat repellents in August 2000. Silent Roar came out top. Just 3 hours after application no cats visited the garden!