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Renardine - a tried and trusted cat repellant

Renardine, a bone oil formulation, has been in continuous use since 1896

In fact Renardine is not just a cat deterrent - it's also to repel dogs, foxes, rabbits, moles and badgers. Renardine contains around 30% bone oil

Although Renardine can be applied directly onto the earth without contamination, this is not usually recommended as most of the product drains away and proves to be wasteful and expensive.

Instead it is better to use Renardine applied to small sticks, or mixed in with sand, or even soaked on to old used tea bags, bits of carpet, or cut-up old tennis balls! Here are some application techniques:

Renadine cat repellant

Renardine contains around 30% bone oil

Renardine will stain (rather like creosote) and has quite a strong smell! So never apply to foliage, and it's best to wear gloves and old clothes when working with Renardine.